There’s a classic saying that tells us “all good things come to those who wait”. This saying is meant to award those who are patient enough to see something through, but when it comes to the idea of waiting when you find mold, no good things will come to you if you wait to treat it my friend. Only more and more layers of wooly mold! If you have discovered mold on your property, it’s best to rest on the saying “better safe than sorry” and give us a call today at Guardian Mold Prevent.

Why Call in a Professional?
It might seem easy enough to run down to your favorite home improvement store and grab a gallon of bleach or the newest DIY mold treatment goodies, but did you know that these products can actually be toxic themselves? And, they are limited in their scope, so their ability to completely conquer your mold issue is a bit faulty. They may temporarily wipe away the mold you can see, but they are not tackling the mold spores the naked eye cannot point out.

Another area of lack for the bleach or DIY treatment idea is that these “cures” don’t locate the source of your mold. A certified mold professional, such as those available at Guardian Mold Prevent, are equipped with the training to locate the source of your mold and to identify the type of mold you are dealing with. Armed with this information, the certified mold professional will create a personalized mold remediation plan to rectify your mold situation in an affordable and timely fashion. They will also do so in a safe manner, as to prevent spreading mold spores to other areas of your home.

Contact a Certified Mold Professional Today
If you have discovered mold on your property or if you simply have questions about mold prevention, contact us today at Guardian Mold Prevent. We are proud to stand behind sayings such as “a job worth doing is worth doing well”, and we look forward to the opportunity to returning your property to its healthiest. Call us today by dialing 866.681.6653.