It’s that time of the year again Carol Stream folks; time to swap out winter for spring and summer. Time to make that trek up to the attic or down to the basement and bring up the warm clothes and welcome the sunshine! This excitement however can be crushed in an instant with the realization that you are welcoming the sight of ghastly mold growth instead. A simple thought of “gross” or “nasty” spins through your brain, along with a sense of panic as you wonder just how long that wooly green mess has been hanging around. Well, panic not dear friend! The certified mold professionals here at Guardian Mold Prevent are armed and ready to take out your mold so you can welcome the warm weather with joy instead of fright!

Why Do I Have Mold in my Basement in Carol Stream IL?

Mold is a pesky home invader that moves right onto virtually any organic substance, as long as its partners in crime, moisture and oxygen, are present. Mold can begin as a small colony of spores, hiding for months, or even years before making itself known to the naked eye. Our long damp seasons and high humidity levels here in Illinois and Indiana often create just such perfect mold growth opportunities in the stagnant areas of our basements, attics, garages, and wall spaces.

How Do I Get Rid of My Mold?

Mold is indeed a silent home invader in need of a personal invitation to get out. Many property owners run down to grab the latest DIY treatment only to find that their mold returns with a vengeance. Save yourself the time, effort, and expense by calling in a certified mold professional, such as those available at Guardian Mold Prevent. Equipped with the training to locate the source of your mold situation, the ability to test your mold for proper treatment, and the training to remove your mold safely without exposing other areas of your property, a certified mold professional can solve your mold problem completely.

Contact a Certified Mold Professional Today

For more information on professional mold remediation, or for a free estimate in regard to your unique mold situation, contact Guardian Mold Prevent today by dialing 866-681-6653. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you!