There are few things more annoying to a home or property owner than uninvited and unwanted guests making themselves comfortably at home in Park Ridge, and black mold is no exception. The discovery of a mold colony hiding in your basement or tucked away in your sump pump closet is indeed annoying, and often quite disturbing as well. The fear of illness or property damage can send the calmest of property owners scrambling for bleach! This is where you take a deep breath and contact a certified mold professional at Guardian Mold Prevent, where we are pleased to offer certified mold inspection services in Park Ridge and full service mold testing, and where we kick out your unwanted mold guest for good! Guaranteed!

The first step in saying goodbye to your mold is to find the source that is fueling it. Our certified mold professionals in Park Ridge are armed with the skill to conduct a comprehensive mold inspection, beginning with a personal interview with property occupants to develop a mold history. Following the interviewing, a professional will begin a search for moldy clues in common places such as around plumbing fixtures and possible water intrusion points and/or ventilation areas.

Your mold will also be treated to full service mold testing, including bulk samples, air samples, and surface lift tests. The collections will be sent out to an independent laboratory for all analysis and have a typical turnaround time of 3 to 7 days.

Once the testing results arrive and the inspection has been completed, our certified mold professional will provide you with a detailed written report, complete with all remediation plans available to you and our professional long-term mold prevention recommendations. Simply choose your personal remediation plan and kick your unwanted moldy guest to the curb! If you have black mold problems in Park Ridge or nearby suburbs, give us a call today!