Black Mold removal – Aurora, IL – Black Basement Mold before and after

It is indeed quite alarming to discover that your Aurora, IL home or business is entertaining the ugly guest of mold. Many property owners reach for a quick fix or DIY remedy only to find the mold returns with a vengeance. Why not reach instead for the assistance of a certified mold professional, such as Guardian Mold Prevent, and say goodbye to your mold indefinitely! In the video below, you can see

What is Mold and how did it get in this basement in Aurora?
Mold is neither a plant nor an animal, but a fungi. In order for mold to grow it requires organic matter to provide carbon for nutrients, as well as moisture and oxygen. Most molds in general are non-toxic and can be found just about anywhere, provided that there is enough moisture for growth. Mold is a concern for home and business owners due to its potential to cause health problems, such as allergens and irritants, and in rare cases produce potentially toxic substances.

In this video, the basement mold came from moisture seepage through block foundation walls. This area in Aurora, IL has a lot of this type of construction:

What is Causing My Mold?
There are a variety of reasons that mold growth can occur in a home or business. Situations such as leaking pipes, a roof leak, condensation collection, and flooding, can be more obvious reasons for mold growth. However, here in the Illinois and Indiana areas, our long damp seasons and accompanying high levels of humidity can create the perfect environment for mold growth in any stagnant area from your attic to your basement.

Why Choose a Professional?
Uncovering the source of your mold situation and identifying just what kind of mold you are dealing with are two key elements of expertise needed to completely combat any given mold situation. Although there are many “do-it-yourself” ideas available, choosing instead to arm yourself with the trained abilities of a certified mold professional means that your mold situation will be individually tested, assessed, and treated with a comprehensive remediation plan that will address your mold situation in its entirety. A professional will also know how to remove your mold without the risk of contaminating any other areas of your property, a promise that no “DIY” solution can keep.

Contact a Professional Today!
If you have mold concerns in your home or business, contact a certified mold professional at Guardian Mold Prevent today. Our experts welcome the opportunity to solve your mold problems completely, guaranteed! If you live in Aurora and have basement mold problems – give us a call! We’re the basement mold removal experts!