A weird, musty smell traveled down from the attic and your curiosity lead you to the discovery of wooly growth attached to the framing. Ugh! What next for your Bensenville home? Simply contact a certified mold professional, such as the experts at Guardian Mold Prevent. Equipped with the experience and training to provide you with certified mold inspection services, comprehensive mold testing services, and professional mold remediation services, we are here to solve your mold problems, completely!

Our mold professional will begin a certified mold inspection with an interview of your property occupants to gain real time details. The key is to build a solid mold history and locate its origin. Moisture is a key player in mold growth, so the next step for our professional is to inspect common sources such as sump pump closets, sinks, garages, and of course, your attic. Other areas of interest in regard to mold are possible water intrusion points/and or ventilation issues.

It is also important to determine just what type of mold has moved into your attic in Bensenville. To determine this our mold professional will collect samples via bulk, air, and surface to be sent to an independent, third party laboratory for analysis. The lab results typically return within 3 to 7 days dependent upon the type and number of tests run.

Now equipped with your certified mold inspection results and your comprehensive mold testing lab results, our professional will provide you with a detailed written report that includes all of your available remediation results. Also included in the report will be our professional long-term mold prevention recommendations.

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For more information on certified mold inspection services in Bensenville, IL, mold testing services, or just simply a free estimate, contact Guardian Mold Prevent today. We look forward to solving your mold problems, completely, and guaranteed!