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Basement Mold Removal Villa Park, IL

It is indeed unsettling to discover that your home or business is harboring an ugly growth of mold. Although most molds are non-toxic, certain molds produce a higher toxicity risk and can be both an allergen and irritant for your family or for those you serve. Although your first reaction might be to get rid of the mold as a “do it yourself job”, it is most often a wiser choice to contact a professional to perform a certified mold remediation so you can say goodbye to your mold indefinitely.

What is Mold?
Mold is a fungus found almost everywhere, both indoors and out, and we are essentially exposed to mold on a daily basis. Mold grows on virtually any organic substance when oxygen and moisture are present. Mold multiplies as microscopic spores and can spread quickly to areas both seen and unseen by the naked eye.

Here in the Illinois and Indiana areas we are privy to long damp seasons that are accompanied by high levels of humidity, circumstances almost inviting mold to grow in stagnant areas such as basements, bathrooms, attics, and even inside walls. Mold can also collect on carpets, wallpaper, ductwork, ceilings, and furniture. Often mold hides for months or even years before a visual infestation appears.

Why Hire a Professional?
Bleaching off mold from visual surfaces can often offer a temporary solution to your mold situation, however, hidden mold that is left unaddressed will re-infest in the same adjacent areas. To fully assess your mold situation, it is best to hire a Certified Mold Professional in Villa Park such as from Guardian Mold Prevent. Such a professional will providing testing to identify what mold you are dealing with, locate what may be fueling your mold growth, and create a comprehensive remediation plan to address your unique mold situation. They will also remove the mold without contaminating any other areas of your property as well as provide their expert service with a guarantee.

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If you see mold growing or suspect a mildew problem in your home or business, contact the mold professionals at Guardian Mold Prevent. We look forward to the opportunity to provide you with a healthy, mold and mildew free environment. We have a location right next door to Villa Park in Lombard, call us today!