So you’re getting ready to put your home on the market and discovered a moldy
spot hiding in the attic. Further investigation on your part has revealed that there
might be a sincere mold situation growing like a slow weed up there. Panic is the
first choice in your brain, as you envision not being able to move forward with your
plans. Well, slow down your worry bus friend, as Guardian Mold Prevent is here to
solve your mold problems, completely!

Here is some video from a recent job in Mokena, IL

Why Do I Have Mold?
Mold can grow basically on any organic substance as long as oxygen and moisture
are present. Here in the Indiana and Illinois areas our long damp seasons and high
levels of humidity can all too often create the perfect conditions for mold growth in
stagnant areas. Places in our homes and businesses such as attics, basements,
bathrooms, and sump pump closets can house unwanted moisture and then create
the perfect place for mold spores to move on in and set up camp.

What to Do About My Mold?
Although it is ever so tempting to run up to the local home improvement store for
the latest and greatest mold removal ideas, mold is something better left to be
handled by trained professionals who can remove it without contaminating other
areas of your property. Guardian Mold Prevent is happy to provide home and
business owners with certified mold professionals skilled in complete mold removal
services. From comprehensive property inspections to individualized mold
remediation services, we’re prepared to tackle your mold situation completely.

Contact Guardian Mold Prevent Today
For more information on receiving a comprehensive mold inspection or to request a
free estimate, contact us today by dialing (866) 681-6653. The certified mold
professionals here at Guardian Mold Prevent are in Mokena all the time, and look forward to kicking your mold to
the curb so you can get your home ready to hit the market!