This week were completed an attic mold removal and attic mold stain removal job in Des Plaines, IL. As always, it was a successful job and you can see the before and after the job photos in our video here:

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Although most molds are non-toxic, the discovery of its nastiness in your home or place of business often causes sincere fear for property owners. Visions of health problems and nightmares of toxicity rumble through the brain. The reality is however that there is no need for such panic. Certified mold professionals await the opportunity to return your home or business to its healthy conditions and are equipped with the specialized training to do so!

Why Do I Have Mold in my Des Plaines IL Attic?
We actually come into contact with mold on a daily basis, as molds can grow in virtually any environment, indoors and outdoors, year round. Here in the Midwest we tend to endure long damp seasons and high humidity, both conditions that fuel moisture build up in any stagnant area such as a basement, attic, bathroom, or wall space. When the warm air accompanies the damp conditions and humidity, ugly mold begins to settle in and show itself. More often than not, visible mold is a sure sign that you have hidden mold that arrived first.

Why Call a Certified Mold Professional?
There is no way to eliminate mold and mold spores outdoors, however, indoor mold can be eliminated and controlled. A certified mold professional, such as those here at Guardian Mold Prevent, is equipped with the knowledge and specialized training to do just that! Our professionals will assess your mold situation, identifying the source of your mold and conducting mold testing so that a comprehensive mold remediation plan unique to your mold problem can be implemented.

Sadly many property owners attempt to tackle mold situations on their own, reaching for gallons of bleach or other do-it-yourself methods. Without locating the source of the mold or identifying just what kind of mold it is, hidden mold is left untreated and re-infests the same adjacent areas the property owner spent hours scrubbing. The property owner has also now been handling and breathing in toxic fumes from the bleach or DIY products as well. Choosing a certified mold professional guarantees not only for safe removal of the mold, but also that the mold has been removed without contaminating any other areas of the property.

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If you have made a recent discovery of the nastiness of mold on your property or have concerns of growing hidden mold, contact a certified mold professional today at Guardian Mold Prevent. We look forward to the opportunity to restore your property to a healthy environment and solving your mold problems, guaranteed!