MoldMold testing

So the discovery of mold on your Woodridge, IL commercial property has your head spinning and panic behind your eyes! The idea of your occupants breathing in mold spores or experiencing health problems has you searching for immediate mold solutions. Here at Guardian Mold Prevent we understand that mold is a time sensitive situation that you don’t want left to untrained individuals. For this reason, we are proud to provide you with our team of certified commercial mold removal experts, equipped to solve your mold situation in a swift and complete fashion.

About Our Commercial and Residential Mold Experts In Woodridge

Treating and removing commercial mold is an urgent situation requiring a speedy, yet complete resolution. Our team of certified commercial mold removal experts here at Guardian Mold Prevent follows a 12 step, commercially specific, process that begins first with a thorough inspection of your facility and wraps up with the execution of an individualized mold remediation plan. Our experts conduct mold testing to ensure that your mold situation is addressed effectively and provide you with our professional recommendations to assist you in avoiding future mold problems.

Most importantly, the certified commercial mold experts will schedule their work to minimize any disruption of your business, and they will remove your mold safely to ensure that your mold problem does not spread from one area to another.

Contact a Commercial Mold Expert Today

For more information or to arrange for a free onsite consultation, contact us today at Guardian Mold Prevent by dialing 866-681-6653. Our commercial mold experts look forward to restoring your place of business to a mold free and safe environment for your occupants!