mold inspection services glen ellyn, wheaton ilIn all honesty the vast majority of calls that we get to remediate attic mold come from unsuspecting homeowners who had no idea they had an attic mold problem.  Many people find the discoloration when they are taking down or putting away their Christmas decorations.  The most unfortunate situation, and yet the scenario we see play out time and time again is the homeowner who finds out about their attic mold problem from a home inspector hired by a potential buyer.  Sadly, when you find out about a problem as big as mold in your attic from a potential buyer it leaves you in a very vulnerable position….and gives the buyers a whole lot of leverage.  The main cause of mold in an attic space is due to condensation forming on the underside of the roof (plywood and rafters). Let’s talk about the most common reasons that people end up with condensation in their attic……and ultimately mold.